About Us

Our Story

The University of Warwick Dodgeball Club was founded in 2006 but quickly grew into one of the larger and more socially active clubs here at Warwick.

As a leading UK team in the University Dodgeball Leagues, we are at the forefront of a sport growing across the nation and we encourage both competitive and casual play. Most of you won’t have played much dodgeball before, but it’s an easy game to grasp and it’s great fun! All training sessions are open to everyone; there are no trials.

We have highly successful Men’s Teams and a Women’s Team that play competitive fixtures and tournaments against other universities and dodgeball clubs throughout the country. Since we are so welcoming and friendly, we also get a lot of members simply come along to the Friday fun sessions (2-3 pm in Zone C) to play a few games, or to the many socials happening at least once a week.      

We are driven by values

We’re a friendly club that welcomes both men and women and we value the social side of sports, so be sure to come to one of our weekly socials held on campus, or in Leamington.

At Warwick Dodge, we are the perfect social sports club. Most of our members play and go to all the socials but many join just to come to our incredible socials making it the perfect club for whole groups of friends to join.

What is Dodgeball?

Never heard of Dodgeball before? Never realised it was an actual sport? Don’t worry, neither did most of us when we first got to Uni!

Dodgeball is a fantastic game that is really easy to learn and great fun to play. Basically, there are 2 teams and they throw balls at each other. If you get hit by a ball from the other team, you’re out!

The best way to learn is by playing but if you want to know a bit more, click the button below to read a summary of the rules!

A Typical Dodgeball Week

We value the social side of sports, as well as improving our skills and teamwork, so there are lots of opportunities throughout each week to relax, get to know the other members of the club and (most importantly for some) play some Dodgeball!

The image to the right shows what sort of events happen throughout each week. Not every week will be as busy and there’s no pressure to attend everything – just come along to what sounds fun when you have the time!

Inclusivity and Welfare

Dodgeball is a sport where everyone is welcome so please come along or get in touch if you have any questions.

If something is stopping you joining in, please get in touch as we’d love for as many people as possible to have the opportunity to try out a sport that we all love. We’re sure we could do better, so tell us how!

We also want to make sure that all of our members get any support that they need. All members of Warwick Dodge are here to listen and help in a confidential manner and our Welfare Officer is always available for a chat should you need one.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is committed to the development of our club and accomplishing several goals to progress the sport:

  • Maintain our position as one of the best university dodgeball clubs in the country – accomplished through a developed training plan and community coaching.
  • Provide an inclusive opportunity for all students to play dodgeball, regardless of ability/gender/race/etc.
  • Strengthen our connection to the dodgeball community through social events and competition.