Meet The Exec

The Exec

About our Exec

The Exec are the people who keep the club going. They’re the ones organising trainings, socials, competitions and all the little things that go into making this club so great!

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help or act!

Tom Ovenden

President & coach

Pros: Can make doughnuts
Cons: He’s never given me a doughnut

Aayush Shrestha

Vice President

Pros: Likes sheep. Also, Welsh. Coincidence?
Cons: Weak eyes. Self proclaimed leader of the 4 eye gang

Mai-An Dang

Treasurer & Coach

Pros: Good with maths and numbers and stuff in general
Cons: Suspiciously good with maths and numbers and stuff in general

Becca Smith

Social Sec

Pros: Also likes sheep (with horns)
Cons: Vigorously upper-middle class

Charlotte Jones

Social Sec

Pros: Welsh, so possibly likes sheep
Cons: Fake Welsh because no pictures with sheep

Daniel Docherty

Men’s Captain

Pros: Being loud
Cons: Weak knees

Ellie Manns

Women’s Captain

Pros: Level 100 persuasion. Elected as Captain despite never attending a training in her first year.
Cons: Incapable of driving under 90mph. Frequently runs out of fuel

Tom Lake


Pros: Has not one, but two lakes in the UK named after him
Cons: Panic 1 -Perhaps the worst ever player at odds on

Jonathan Wilkie


Pros: Look at that smile
Cons: Smile may blind you. Trigger for the 4 eye gang movement

Ishaan Chandaria

Kit & Sponsorship

Pros: Involuntary member of the 4 eye gang
Cons: Not a voluntary member of the 4 eye gang

Ruth Slaney

Publicity & Charity

Pros: Amazing with all things tech related
Cons: Could potentially be magic/witchcraft (also a pro)