Want to have some fun? Come to one of our


At Warwick Dodge, we love our socials. A lot. So much so, that we’ve become famous for our fun, unique weekly events.

Whether it’s our amazingly creative circles or our funky sober socials, we always try to make each social as welcoming and enjoyable as possible.

Even if you haven’t had a chance to come along to training or fun sesh, feel free to join us and say hello.

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Our favourite social and, now, our favourite shape.

We’ll try our best not to be one-sided in our explanation of circling, but it’s gonna be hard because circling is one of the funnest activities that exists (just sort of in the world in general).

Circling is Warwick’s version of pre-drinks (with a different fancy dress theme every week), where we all sit in a big circle, play drinking games, drink and then go to POP! It sounds pretty simple, and that’s because it is! It’s genuinely a great time playing the games, chatting to the people around you and making friends.

Running the circle are your two social secs, Becca and Charlotte, who will be in the centre starting the games, making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is having fun.

And if you don’t drink, that’s not a problem at all! We have loads of members who don’t drink but still love circling. We’ll never ask or force you to drink or do anything you’re uncomfortable with (this applies to all our socials).

While this might sound daunting, we always try to make every circle as welcoming and laid back as possible. Your social secs are always there if you have anything you want to talk about, as well as any member of Dodge who are always more than happy to help.

Social highlights

Our favourites
If they failed the escape room, it would have been a sombre(ro) day

We love every social (we really do) but not every social is created equal and everyone has a favourite social. The one social where they keep asking the social secs when that social is and asking them to move it further forward and forward.

In Dodge, we have some annual socials that you really can’t miss. And if you do miss one, you will absolutely get some major FOMO – we’ve all had it – so make sure to come to every social!

24 hour

Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
We recommend you wear pyjamas

Ah, the infamous 24 hour. Dodge’s yearly Odyssey. We’re not sure why everyone loves this so much, all we know is that 24 hour never disappoints. A day long social starting and ending at 10am, it always brings laughter, sun and, somehow, tragedy.

One of the most unique socials and a truly epic day, the stories from which rival only those from tour (which is basically a 5 day 24 hour).

You could read pages and pages on why we love this social but why do so when you can find out for yourselves.

Board Games

Our favourite sober social. We’re never board (see what we did there?)
Aw, look at those big smiles in that picture. There’s actually a conspiracy theory that this picture wasn’t actually taken at a board game social; rather, some insist, it was actually taken during a world record attempt to steal the record of shiniest smile from Jon. (Don’t know who Jon is? He has a beautiful smile. Find out more about Jon and the rest of our Exec. here).

Well, that caption was completely irrelevant, so we’ll try and sum up what our board games socials are. It’s just a social where we play whatever board games you bring in. We’ve played Jackbox a lot – many times pretending we are funnier than we actually are. Also, some game called Avalon where half the people who turn up get really into it, so much so that they need to pass a ball around to determine who talks (smh kids these days).

There’s Jenga, Ticket to Ride, Uno, Cards against Humanity etc. Note the omission of Monopoly there. We’re not quite sure why no one has brought Monopoly. Maybe we’re worried about the awkward bus ride home being loud with accusations and criticism. Or maybe the sight of any cash, even fake, reminds of our crushing student debt.

It’s probably both.

We get pizza too. Yeah, we should have started with that, shouldn’t we?

Sports ball

A bit of pizzaz

The best event to pretend like you’re not a poor student and forget how deep you are into your overdraft (shhh we know you are).

That’s the unofficial definition of Sports Ball anyway. Officially, it’s the one time of year we all dress up in our fanciest outfits and waltz our way (on a bus) to some fancy venue (just a big hall tbh) to celebrate the last year in Sport and also get free food (well, technically, £50 worth of food which gets you some lamb and mushy peas).

It’s a great event though because you look snazzy and you can hang out with your friends and win awards and drink wine (how quaint).

Also, the Instagram post potential is very high.

Sober Socials

We know that not everyone drinks and that’s completely fine.

We have people who don’t drink at all, people who don’t drink sometimes or before sport, and people who enjoy drinking. And that really is fine.

Whether it’s a quiz, waterpark, trampoline parks, escape rooms, meals (and so many more activities), we love sober socials!

Sober socials are just as important to us as any other socials and, to us, it’s just another opportunity to meet and chat to your friends. We can’t wait to see you in one of our socials this year!

Don’t forget about

Impromptu Socials

We’re a very friendly club and will often meet up without any planning. If you’re bored or just don’t fancy doing any work at any point (we’ve all been there!), there’s sure to be others who would love to meet up for a meal or a drink!